spring and hope = bahar and omid

Development of material documented in Tehran

Opening 23rd of March 2012 | PINA BAUSCH THEATER ESSEN

Version / Directing: Ana Zirner

with: Veronika Bachfischer | Gabriel Rodriguez

Music: Amir Nasr

Costume: Alice Nierentz


brothers in arms

Theatre Dance Project developed from personal-documentary material

Premiere 12th of February 2014 | SCHWERE REITER / PATHOS MÜNCHEN

When six young German guys travel to meet soldiers in Iran and Israel: Personal examination of masculinity, military and power.                

Idea: Ana Zirner | Choreography: David Russo

with: Daniel | Laurens | Max | Simon | Sven | Gunnar                                                                                           more about this...



wo ist meine stimme | where is my voice

Scenic reading with live-music

Opening 5th of November 2012 | I-CAMP/NEUES THEATER MÜNCHEN

Two young german actors lend their voices to young people in the iranian opposition movement and tell their stories.

Set-Up: Ana Zirner | Music: Amir Nasr

with: Paula Binder, Benedikt Blaskovic (Thomas Prazak)

Audiotrailer (german):

Press (german):

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Premiere: 4th of November 2015

HIATUS - A project on beggars and passery-by

Dance-Theater developed from personal-documentary material

Premiere: 4th of November 2015 | SCHWERE REITER MUNICH

It is a quiet confrontation with our conscience. With the question of whether we really have earned what we have. Whether we could give more. We move through our everyday life. Walk through our city. Suddenly an open hand passes through our field of vision. We become aware of the hand, because the person it belongs to is sitting on the ground. He or she is on a level where we dodn't expect anyone to be, as the other "upright walkers" stream along with us or past us. This moment, this "excessive second" between perception and the conscious decision to act, that is a "hiatus."

Director: Ana Zirner | Choreography: David Russo | Dramaturg: Martina Missel | Music: Florian Hartlieb, Amir Nasr

with: Jasmine Ellis | Silvan Frick | Henrik Kaalund | Benjamin Lange | Lotte Lindenborn | Julia Möller | Katrin Schafitel | Katalin Zsigmondy

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frei willig arbeiten (free will working)

Development of material about the different definitions of luxury and slavery, created from documentary material

Premiere on the 4th of July 2015 | MARSTALL / RESIDENZTHEATER MUNICH

More about this coming soon...

Director: Ana Zirner | Dramaturgy: Martina Missel and Christina Hommel | Choreography: David N. Russo | Stage: Bettina Pommer | Costume: Henriette Müller                                                                                                

Last show on the 25th of July 2015

Fiery speeches, blazing squares



Director: Ana Zirner | Stage: Franziska Bornkamm | Dramaturg: Julia Engelmayer | Choreography: David Russo

with: Swintha Gersthofer | Pascal Groß | Marion Reiser | Jan Walter

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Premiere: 9th of January 2016


Dance Theater Performance


Life without digitally connected devices is now unimaginable to us. And, if we are being honest, we wouldn‘t want to live without them. „Privacy“ tells the fictional story of MIA and FINN, a young couple that meets online. It talks about possible effects on our life and privacy and investigates our digital responsibility.

Director: Ana Zirner | Choreography: David Russo | Dramaturgy:      Martina Missel

with: Lotte Lindenborn | Matthias Renger | David Russo                                                                                                   

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Premiere: 26th of November 2016

Premiere: 3rd of June 2017

Performances in Munich: 7th and 9th of July 2017 | HochX


Documentary Theater Dance Project


satellit produktion is researching experiences with belief and collecting personal statements of faith. Which part does it play in the lives of people today? Which hopeful stories can be told? And can they explain, why the positive virtue of faith can so easily turn into something destructive?

Director: Ana Zirner | Dramaturgy: Martina Missel | Choreography: David Russo | Stage and Costumes: Cäcilia Verweyen | Lightdesign: Rainer Ludwig

with: Miriam Haltmeier | Rudy Orlovius | Fridtjof Stolzenwald                                                                                    

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