Life without digitally connected devices is now unimaginable to us. And, if we are being honest, we wouldn‘t want to live without them. We trust them with parts of our most intimate communication and we outsource skills like orientation, memory, accountability, and self-estimation. At the same time it is no secret that our personal data is being digitally collected, saved and processed. Through our daily online-behavior we are feeding the algorithms that quantify us in the name of progress. The simplicity of the norms that are hereby created serve as a motivator to optimize ourselves within their favor. Do we like this? Are we fully conscious of it? And how do we want it to continue?

„Privacy“ tells the fictional story of MIA and FINN, a young couple that meets online. It talks about possible effects on our life and privacy and investigates our digital responsibility.

The Team

Performer: Lotte Lindenborn, Matthias Renger, David Russo

Director: Ana Zirner

Dramaturgy: Martina Missel

Choreography: David N. Russo

Productionmanagement and Press: Claudia Illi

Stage: Susan Waeckerlin

Costume: Henriette Müller

Texts: Theresa Seraphin

Video: Manuela Hartel

Lights: Rainer Ludwig

Sound: Jan Faszbender

Assistant Director: Viktoria Lewowsky

Assistand Stage: Isabella Wehdanner

Videoassistant: Iason Konstantinou


Saturday, 26th November 2016, 8pm // Premiere

Sunday, 27th November 2016, 2pm / 8pm

Monday, 28th November2016, 8pm

Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 8pm

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Galerie der Künstler | Maximilianstr. 42, 80538 München | Germany


For „Privacy“ we make ourselves become objects of research. The director, the dramaturg and the choreographer research in different and very personal ways about the subject.

Ana Zirner, the director, is going transparent. She has hired a hacker to find out everything about her online. In addition, she starts „quantifying“ herself, to check how digitally prescribed self-optmization influences the perception of privacy. All data is being collected and finally published online (

Dramaturg Martina Missel is making an effort to become digitally invisible. She has left Facebook and communicates only via encoded messaging. She has also stopped using any app that saves locations and other personal data. The effect on her (social-) life are exensive.

Choreographer David Russos somatic research deals with the definition of the inner and outer spaces of the body. He questions the boundaries of privacy on a very physical level and beins developing choreographic material for the performance.

Ana asked herself, what data she produces daily and what this data says about her. Which conclusions can be made about her behavior, when combining the different data? And is it possible to get to know her better than she knows herself, just by looking at her data?

We are not aware who exactly can see, save and process our data. As part of her research for the performance „Privacy“, Ana shares her data and its sources here live and uncensored with the public. Thereby she would like to provide insight both for herself and for all into the amount of information produced by us on a daily basis.

BR-TV documentary:

“How powerful are our digital shadows?“

Ana Zirner is researching how people live whose computer is registering their every step. Her object of research: herself.

A film by Roland Schenke.

Online (in German):